Why do you, and your loved ones, need a keepsake journal?

Unless your family memories are written down, and preserved, in keepsake journals like mine, they’re lost. Forever.


Life experiences aren’t being written down in a loved one’s own handwriting.

I always believed my mom would be with me forever. Silly, I know. We all leave this world at some point, right? I was hit with a scary dose of reality in February of 2016 when my mom suffered a heart attack which caused a traumatic brain injury, leaving her in a coma. Luckily, she came back to us with almost all of her memories in her memory bank.

However, sitting with mom, as she “slept” all those weeks, I realized, all of my childhood memories were wrapped up in this woman. My best friend in the world, asleep in this hospital bed, recovering from a TBI. As I watched her, I couldn’t help think: I wish she’d written more down. Mom memories. More stories. In her own words, as well as, her own HANDWRITING.

I wish she’d written more down…..in her own HANDWRITING.


Journaling in my beautifully designed keepsake journals.

What eases people into the writing process? REMOVING THE STRESS of figuring out “what to write about,” and “where to start.”

How does one do this? By providing simple writing prompts! Writing to a prompt centered around a specific life moment such as marriage, parenthood, being a first time pet owner, and more.

Newly married friends, and family; new parents; and, new fur baby parents all want to record family memories. However, so many have no idea how to start writing, or what to write about. Preserving family memories without stress is possible with fun writing prompts!

But how are Salty & Sweet Journals unique? What sets them apart from other journals?

Yes, unique, creative, and fun writing prompts that spark creativity are a great way to dive in to the writing process when you’re not feeling particularly talkative or get brain fog. Let’s face it, though – all our memories aren’t peaches and cream, some are rotten apples. Salty and Sweet Keepsake Journals don’t just offer up the sweet writing prompts to capture all the sweetest memories and ignore the rough days! They provide prompts that embrace the saltiness life sometimes throws our way, too!

Another design feature: wide lines. It lessons anxiety over writing enough to fill the page!

However, that’s not all people can do with these journals. Consider these journals the ultimate hybrid. It’s a scrapbook, as well as a journal. I made a point of keeping blank pages in the journal, free of lines, and decoration, so those who want to secure mementos, have spaces to do so. Perhaps those scrapbooked pages will spark a memory to write about.

Not a scrapbooker? No worries. Use the blank pages to continue writing, leave them blank, or affix just one picture or memento.

It’s your journal, do whatever you want with the pages.


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Meet your designer.

My name is Staci. In a family of artists who draw, paint, and sculpt…I’m a writer. However, I also design – as long as I don’t have to draw!

What made me decide to create these journals? Simple answer: my mom. First, her heart attack robbed me of her stories, as well as her handwriting.

My mom wasn’t a big writer, and after I became a professional writer I finally asked her why she never sat down to write down the many stories she had about her childhood, our family’s history, or anything, really. She said whenever she tried, she never knew where to start, and then just stopped trying.

Physical, paper keepsake journals provide loved ones with not just memories and stories, but also a wonderful way of preserving a loved one’s handwriting.

I cannot tell you how much I miss my mom’s handwriting on cards, little reminder notes, or her crossword puzzles she used to do. Any time I come across a scrap of paper with her handwriting, especially if it has Love, Mom on it….. I put it in a scrapbook.

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keepsake journal with unique writing prompts


  • Unique writing prompts.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Woman-owned small business.
  • Left-handed option.
  • Spiral-bound that open effortlessly and lie completely flat.
I cannot thank you enough for the New Parent Journal! It has been amazing to have a place to reflect on all the new feelings, and experiences, that come with being a new parent. It has also allowed me to see how wonderfully indescribable some feelings are with regards to being a parent, and the love for my child.
I cannot explain how excited I am to continue my journal, and to be able to share it with my daughter when she is older. I think it will be great to show her how she changed our lives, as well as have a written record of the embarrassing things she has done, to share with her future friends. Haha
Jared Silverman
New Father, Florida
I have purchased each journal to use as gifts. Each person I gifted them to loved them, and actually used them! They even ordered ones to give as gifts to other people. Super unique gift for newlyweds – every new bridal shower invite means buying a journal, same for baby showers!
Maryss Glazer
Avid Gift Giver, New Jersey
If there is one thing my husband and I have learned throughout the course of our relationship, it’s that communication is key. As we prepared for our big day, we promised ourselves we would never lose sight of that.
Thanks to our First Year of Marriage journal, we have found a cute, and fun, way to jot down thoughts, feelings and funny anecdotes we can relive forever. It has only been a few weeks, but we have already caught one another picking up the journal after dinner, or right before bed, prepared to use a different writing prompt for the day [you really don’t need much to get the pen moving]. As a newlywed, you realize wedding planning is such a long, exciting but also daunting process. We already think back to the wedding, and can’t believe it has been two months! I can’t even count how many times we were told to enjoy the day, because it would go by so quickly.
I REALLY can’t even begin to count how many times married couples have told us to make sure we communicate with one another throughout every stage of our marriage, especially the first year. That said, I highly recommend this journal for newlywed couples. It is a perfect way to capture all of the fun, as well as tough, aspects of marriage, while developing a habit of communicating with your spouse at all times.
We look forward to reading through this years from now and see how far we have come!
Mr. & Mrs. Aponte
Newlyweds, New York
Journaling is a passion of mine. I love looking back at the journals I kept when my kids were little. We recently adopted a new lab mix puppy, and I have been loving this journal!
It has created a similar passion in my family as we document her early days. We love jotting down funny things she does each day, plus it helps my daughter keep track of the new puppy’s health!
My 10-year-old loves the blank pages on the back where she draws pictures, or prints out pictures, to add to the story. Its going to be something my family will have “fur-ever”. It’s a shame, but sometimes you forget puppyhood as dogs grow older. It’s nicety have something to record all the first year “awesome”. Plus my kids get to document their first time as new puppy owners. They have even gone as far as adding things about our older cats in the journal, tThe First Year of Life With Your Fur Baby has been a great activity to as a family; helps with creative writing; and, will be something we will treasure for years to come
Jen Rattie
Pet Owner, Illinois

Start preserving memories today.

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All journals have been designed by me on my trusty MacBook Pro in my Long Island, New York home! I created them from cover-to-cover. It’s been a labor of love, and a dream of mine for quite some time, to design, create and offer these journals to the world. They are printed/produced in the United States. Yes, they are Made in the U.S.A. from start to finish.

A unique aspect of this journal is the writing prompts provided to inspire the writing process, without having to ask the question “what am I supposed to write about?” However, the writing prompts can be ignored. There’s empty journal pages to fill with anything desired.

Each journal offers 24 writing pages to fill with wonderful memories.  However, that’s not all!

Every journal also has 24 blank pages to attach photos, or special keepsakes, from the first year of life as a new parent. You can also use the pages to “bullet journal,” just doodle and draw, perhaps write even more? Heck, you can even create scrapbook pages. The possibilities are endless! The blank pages are there to use however you wish to use them. You can keep them blank if you want to!

These keepsake journals are the perfect way to capture life’s big moments in one beautiful place, so newlyweds, parents and children have a memento that can be passed down to future generations. Curious minds always want to know “what life was like” for their relatives, and loved ones. Now you’ll have the perfect keepsake to provide them with all the answers their curious minds could ever want.

The First Year of Parenthood Journal is the perfect gift for any new parent wanting to capture all of life’s moments during the first year with a new baby, or babies.

The First Year of Marriage is the perfect memento for newlyweds. Capturing the first year of marriage will be the perfect gift for any married couple, to preserve “their story” for themselves, as well as future generations. Opening this up after 5 years of marriage, 10 years, or 80 years, will provide beautiful moments to get couples through some of the rougher parts of their years together!

The First Year with Fur Baby is a journal that helps keep your fur baby’s memories alive long-after they’re gone. It also helps remind you what a big job it is to welcome a new fur baby into your life…. Puppies are a lot of work! This helps remind you even though they get into a lot of mischief, it gets better and the love of every pet is something to cherish.

We can ship to anywhere in the United States of America.

As these are unique journals, and posses specific writing prompts developed by yours truly, I am unable to offer a refund, or a return. We do apologize that we do not offer refunds, or returns.

However, if there is any kind of damage to your journal during the shipping process, please contact me to work on a replacement. Since we are a small business, we do require the damage be photographed and sent to us, so we can then contact the production facility to have it replaced.

If the journal is not printed properly, or the wrong journal has been shipped to you, please contact us and we will work together to remedy the issue.

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